An Overview of LFT

Laser Floater Treatment, known as LFT, is a simple- in-office procedure for floaters that can overcome many of the risks associated with vitrectomy.

Treatment Tips and Pearls

LFT is well suited to the Weiss-ring type of vitreous strands and opacities. Because these vitreous floaters are fibrous, they absorb the laser energy well and can be vaporized more efficiently. In addition, they are usually located safely away from the crystalline lens and the retina.


Browse the LFT Bibliography to review peer-review papers, articles, posters and book chapters. The bibliography can be customized based on date, topic, publication, language and/or author.

Resource Center

Download a number of clinical and educational resources, including white papers and tech notes.

Physician Stories

Hear from your colleagues first-hand about the positive impact LFT has had on their patients – and their practice.

Introducing Modern Laser Floater Treatment

Compared to its early clinical use in the 1980s, modern Laser Floater Removal provides more efficient and safer energy profiles.

Floaters. To Treat or Not to Treat?

While floaters are easy to overlook as a common symptom of vitreous deterioration, the significant, adverse impact that they can have on a patient’s quality of life can sometimes warrant treatment.

It’s All About the View

Optimized for use in both the posterior and anterior segments, Reflex Technology™ allows you to toggle between on- and off-axis modes in order to better visualize floaters.